Butterfly princess

"The Butterfly Princess," ©2004.

"The Butterfly Princess" was the first in a series of illustrations depicting the universe and the characters in what would become the Butterfly Princess series of e-books.  It depicts Mariposa with her wings spread, about to leap from a cliff into the sky, with her forest home visible in the background.


The illustration was created in December 2004.  The name Mariposa was not assigned to the Butterfly Princess until she appeared in A Butterfly's Tale in 2011, which led to the idea that her people simply do not use proper names.

Mariposa's design would continue to evolve as she appeared in subsequent illustrations.  In this, her earliest appearance, her costume had not been finalized and she was drawn with separate eyes instead of the conjoined eyes favored by the artist in later illustrations.

The background from this illustration was used to help create the cover for A Butterfly's Tale: The Junior Novel.  It's also the background used for this very wiki.

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