Airwhales were large aerial creatures, using their huge flippers like wings, that existed during the New Age.  They chewed up wood from trees to make the pulp that they later fashioned into papyrus sheathes, assisting their natural ability to fly.

Airwhales tended to fly at an altitude of around 10,000 feet (higher than birds but not as high as some airships), but a flock of seemingly drunken airwhales was occasionally responsible for knocking down a grove of trees.  The sight of a low-flying airwhale typically sent people into a screaming panic due to their destructive potential.

Airwhales swallowed entire flocks of birds when feeding, apparently using magnetic-based sonar to lure them into their mouths.  

Airwhale migratory patterns were regular and predictable; they made an annual trip halfway around the world, taking seven months, making the return trip seven months later to begin the cycle again.  Humans eventually discovered that, with sufficient coaxing, they could take advantage of this and use the airwhales to transport supplies and personnel, strapping a transport car to an airwhale's underside.

During one of his adventures, Four had once been swallowed up by an airwhale.

Also, possibly during the same incident, Mariposa had once been forced to confront a psychotic, rabid airwhale.

The Quest for the World-BreakerEdit

Forever the dragon once said, in reference to carrying Mariposa and her companions, that he didn't agree to help them only to serve as a glorified airwhale.

Alternate RealityEdit

During his mission to rewrite history using the fate-shifter, Four booked transport aboard an airwhale caravan (smuggling Wazzipaloo in his satchel). Plodding and sluggish, the trip from the town of Torlynn to the Swordedge Mountains would take an estimated 45 days.

After the launch of the Giant, the Dwarf war machine was of sufficient height that it once intersected a flock of airwhales in flight.

The Veil of SoulsEdit

Airwhales made it a point to avoid flying over the Badlands, perhaps sensing the Dark Energy radiating from that part of the world.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The author intended the occasional mention of airwhales to be a running gag.  These fantastic creatures are mentioned only in passing throughout A Butterfly's Tale and The Quest for the World-Breaker, but did not actually appear in any of the Butterfly Princess books until The Curse of the Fate Shifter.

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