Bandit bears (sometimes called badger bears) were mid-sized procyonids indigenous to the Torlynn countryside, particularly the swamp lands.  They were were predominantly vegetarian, with one significant exception.  They were known for their devious hunting tactics, particularly their predilection for playing dead and then plucking the eyeballs out of nearby animals when they got close so they could eat them.

The Quest for the World-BreakerEdit

When Syxx was traveling with Four across the swamp lands, Syxx successfully caught a bandit bear and ate it.  She considered adorning herself with the animal's skull in several different ways, but eventually decided against it.

During the pirate raid on the town of Littleton, Four observed the stuffed trophy of a bandit bear in the home of one of the fishermen who lived there.

The Veil of SoulsEdit

Jenna Saiquois was wary of possible bandit bear scavengers when she and Syzygy were exploring the ruins of Torlynn Castle.

In 3894, a lone bandit bear was scavenging through garbage bins in Porticus Umbra.

Following Four's dangerous mission to Porticus Umbra, Fairweather  suggested badger bear soup as a pick-me-up.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Bandit bears are basically the same as racoons, but the species was likely forgotten during the New Age and had to be rediscovered, prompting someone to invent a new name for them. 

In both The Quest for the World-Breaker and The Veil of Soulsthey are sometimes referred to as badger bears, evidently an alternate term for these animals.

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