Bee people 02

A bee drone (with honey-stirring paddle).

Bee drones made up the bulk of the population of the bee people.  Living in the depths of the Great Divide and numbering in the thousands, the bee drones busied themselves with making honey for their bee queen to consume.  Bee drones did not communicate verbally and, though their heads were adorned with antennae, were evidently not capable of llenleth

After "Four" Wheeler found himself in the depths of the lost bee colony, the bee drones attempted to put him to work in the honey factory, providing him with stirring implements for the massive honey vats.  After he refused to cooperate, they gave chase, but did not pursue him when he began climbing up the chasm wall. 

Behind the ScenesEdit

The author envisioned the bee drones as being similar to the Sleestaks from the original Land of the Lost television series.

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