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The Butterfly Princess series is a collection of novels written by David Graham Edwards.  They feature a humanoid princess with butterfly wings named Mariposa and her human companion, Four, documenting their adventures in a neo-medieval setting.  As of this writing, there are five books in the series (with the first one being adapted into a middel-grade novel) with a sixth one being written. They include:

A Butterfly's Tale: the Lost Treasure of Torlynn (2011)

Another Butterfly's Tale: The Quest for the World-Breaker (2013)

Yet Another Butterfly's Tale: The Curse of the Fate Shifter (2014)

Yes, Even More Butterfly Tales: Embarrassment of Riches (2017)

Still More Butterfly Tales: The Veil of Souls (2019)

A Butterfly's Tale: The Junior Novel (2020)

Oh No, Not More Butterfly Tales: The Invasion of the Thought Stealers (unfinished)

There was also a booklet printed in 2014 that included 27 illustrated profiles of the major characters and creatures from the series, called The Butterfly Princess: The Profile Collection.  Its text was largely based on the character entries from this wiki.

Most of the books were published as e-books originally before being made available in traditional print format.


The books were inspired by illustrations that the author created for his wife of an unnamed winged butterfly princess character.  The details of the fictional universe surrounding each illustration became more and more elaborate until the decision was made to write a book that incorporated this wealth of information.  In addition to the books, there are also a series of illustrations which are considered canon by the author.

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