Captain Peg-Face was the colloquial name for the dread pirate Drake Cleaver, who sailed the South Sea aboard the Mermaid's Bliss during the late 3700's of the New Age.  He earned his nickname due to the fact that part of his face had been lost and replaced with a wooden prosthetic.

According to Torlynn census records, Captain Cleaver spent almost fifteen years of his career working as a mercenary-for-hire.  One of his most notable jobs was serving as a butterfly hunter, being paid to track down aerials aboard his pirate ship.

Captain Cleaver was well known in myth and legend for his encounter with Forever the dragon in unctual year 3776. After the dragon attacked the ship, no doubt able to smell their cargo of stolen gold, Cleaver responded with an attempt to harpoon the dragon through the eye. The harpoon gun caught on his wooden face and the two found themselves tangled together in the sky, their blood spilling over each other. According to legend, the dragon swallowed Cleaver whole, and the rest of the ship's crew was never heard from again.  His ship was wrecked and sank, though it was later recovered and repaired, and renamed the Mermaid's Bliss.

By the 3800's, Captain Peg-Face had gone down as one of the greatest treasure-hunters in history, comparable to Alia Dragonpaws.

One hundred and twelve years after Cleaver's death, amateur pirate "Four" Wheeler would go on to speculate that the dragon's blood may have seeped into the body of the pirate captain, thus prolonging his lifespan. Whether this theory had any merit remains to be seen.


Though Captain Peg-Face's name would go down in history and pirate lore, his plan had been to eventually replace the missing part of his face with pure gold, rechristening himself Captain Goldface.

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