The Dwarf Army was a group of Dwarves from Stonekeep who were summoned to advance upon the Elves of the Elvenwood.  They were deployed as back-up infantry to counter the army of Elves, while the Giant war machine would advance upon the Elvenwood and destroy it.

The army later found a new purpose, providing the necessary life energy for the Elves and butterfly people to magically levitate the Giant into the sky, thus saving the Earth.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Dwarf army numbered in the thousands, but only 100 of them are named in the story.

The Dwarf army owes its origins to a tabletop role-playing campaign once played by the author.  A character card was created to represent an army of 100 Dwarves; the author's sister took the next step and meticulously provided them with some of the most absurd names imaginable.  Only a very small number of the names were changed for The Curse of the Fate-Shifter; the rest are the originals, circa 1993.

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