David Graham Edwards (born March 7, 1976) is an American author and illustrator.  He is the creator and author of the Butterfly Princess series of novels.  He is also the artist for the front covers of the books as well as a series of previous illustrations that depict the world and the characters of the Butterfly Princess universe.  Prior to writing the novels, he was the artist of a short-lived comic strip printed in local newspapers called Wolfgang.

He is also the creator of, and primary contributor to, the Butterfly Princess wiki, though we hope to see other people contributing eventually.  Maybe one day.

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Edwards was born in Skokie, Illinois, but currently lives in Ogden, Utah.  He is married to Elizabeth Edwards, and has four children and six cats, one of which keeps pooping on the carpet (the cats, not the children... probably).

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Edwards is active in the Transformers online fandom, and has written numerous fan fiction stories, winning the Best Fan Fiction of the Year award for the story "A Thing of the Past."  An accomplished voice impressionist, Edwards performed multiple voice roles for the online Transformers: the Movie parody on the Radio Free Cybertron web site.  He served as a consultant for Rhino and provided material for inclusion on the DVD release of the original Transformers cartoon series.  His sculptures of the characters from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force  cartoon series appear in the release of the third season on DVD.  His personal web site features over 500 toys and collectibles from pop culture that he repainted or rebuilt and has been recognized by Phenomenal Men of the Web.  He was recognized by Wired magazine for the hundreds of comprehensive toy reviews written for

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