Diamondite was a rare and valuable mineral, similar in appearance to normal diamonds but with a significantly greater density, embedded with tightly-wound dark carbon fibers that made it nearly indestructible.  Diamondite was approximately six times harder than diamond and weighed approximately twice as much.  (There were sixteen different types of gems that were collectively referred to by ill-educated humans as diamonds, and diamondite was one of them.)

Diamondite was mined by Dwarves when practical, and often fastened to the business ends of mining tools or bludgeoning weapons.  Diamondite was comparable in hardness to bloodrock, and one of its other practical applications utilized by Dwarves was to employ diamondite-tipped drilling machines to crack through the bloodrock mantle.

Mirabel Miller was fortunate enough to have stumbled upon a fist-sized chunk of diamondite during a pirate raid, recognizing it as something other than a regular diamond and eventually trading it to the Dwarves of Stonekeep in exchange for the piece of the World-Breaker that they had unearthed.

The Veil of SoulsEdit

Mirabel had been carrying a small chunk of diamondite in the hopes of eventually selling it.  In 3894, she deposited it in the fountain of New Old Westerhollow , switching it for the fabled birthstone that had been inside the fountain.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The fictional substance diamondite was inspired by the real-life aggregated diamond, a laboratory-created material that is the hardest known substance in existence.

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