The Elvenwood was an ancient forest that was home to the Elf race during the New Age.  It was located towards the northern end of Novapangaea.  It was filled with immensely tall trees and beautiful flowering plants, and everything was painted in a silvery shimmer.  The forest was protected with numerous enchantments to prevent unauthorized entry; carefully-placed statues pointed the way along the prescribed path, and any visitors who strayed from the path would find themselves growing weak and lethargic.

Very few visitors were ever allowed into the Elvenwood.  Elf guardian Elladan allowed a human named Mirabel Miller to visit; the butterflies Mariposa and Talla Unica also visited, where they befriended Arienne.

Visitors were required to place weapons within a reflective pool made of shimmering silver-colored fluid, where they would remain safe until their owners retrieved them.

In unctual year 3891, the Dwarf war machine, the Giant, marched towards the Elvenwood with the intent to destroy it.  The Elvenwood was saved when the Giant was magically levitated into outer space.

In 3894, Arienne led her companions Brian and Jessyka and Mirabel and Wazzipaloo back to the Elvenwood to ask for help in dealing with Deorwynn the sorceress.  Elladan allowed them to use the torsion thrower to expediently reach the Swordedge Mountains.


Arienne once remarked that the Elvenwood was home to "all the [Elves] that matter," suggesting there were other Elves living in another part of the realm who may have enjoyed a different social status.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Elvenwood was originally going to be called Ellendale (after the author's mother) but the name was changed after the 2013 film Frozen introduced the similar-sounding kingdom of Arendelle.

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