The New Age, also called the Second Age, is the name for the era following the Cataclysm, distinct and separate from the Old Age.  At the beginning of the New Age, civilization began marking the passage of time with the unctual calendar.

Where the people Old Age had allowed dark technology to rule their lives, the New Age was a time of enlightenment, and almost all traces of ancient technology had vanished in favor of natural methods such as sorcery.

A select few races had witnessed both the Old and New Age.  Among them are the surviving dragons, members of the naturally long-lived Elf race, and the legendary Flightless One.

Timekeeping during the New Age was not wholly dissimilar to that of the Old Age, the main difference being that the New Age days were 26 hours long rather than 24, and that New Age calendars enjoyed 14 months in a year rather than the ancient method of observing only 12.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The New Age is, essentially, a far-flung future period during which all traces of modern-day technology have been erased and society has completely started over.  By the time of the Butterfly Princess series, civilized culture has reached the approximate level of the Dark Ages—though the term "neo-medieval" would probably be the most accurate descriptor.

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