Honey bubu2

Regurgitated Nectar Bubu, the Bee Queen.

Regurgitated Nectar Bubu was the name of the bee queen living in the lost colony deep within the Great Divide.  She was a morbidly corpulent ruler, evidently incapable of leaving her domain, relying on bee dronesto serve her and provide for her.

The Quest for the World-BreakerEdit

After falling into the Great Divide, "Four" Wheeler discovered the lost colony of bee people living within its depths.  After refusing to perform work alongside the drones, he was eventually taken to the bee queen, who was angered that he had contaminated their honey and threatened to sterilize his body and encapsulate him in beeswax.  Four quickly escaped and did not see the bee queen again.


Honey is nectar that has been regurgitated by bees. The character's name is, then, an allusion to a certain child beauty pageant participant and reality television star.

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