The torsion thrower, also called the volley launcher, was an ancient tool once used by the Elves of the Elvenwood.  An implement of war once used during the conflict with the Dwarves, the thrower was designed to launch Elf troops through the sky over several miles.  They wore air-catchers which slowed their descent and allowed them to reach their destination quickly. A sling was connected to a thick strand of solifuge silk, into which an Elf would sit.  Launcher operators would stretch the sling and then release it, thus propelling the Elf seated within the sling into the sky.  Careful adjustments to the launcher were required, based on the weight of the occupant and the intended destination. The thrower was made of rockwood.  It measured around 500 feet from end to end, but had been constructed within a sinkhole that rendered it invisible from onlookers.  It could be repositioned to launch towards the south, west, or east.

In unctual year 3894, Elladan dusted off the old torsion thrower in order to allow Arienne and some of her friends to quickly travel from the Elvenwood to the Swordedge Mountains.  


The torsion thrower predated the birth of Arienne, making it at least 2,000 years old.

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