Lord Xarzuss was the leader of the Moth Dominion, the moth colony living in the Golden Desert.  He took the mantle of leadership several months after the death of Lord Flazzah.  Xarzuss carried a bonesword and wore an ornate helmet made from multiple animals skulls, stacked on top of each other like a totem pole.  He was openly jealous of the butterfly people, most notably Mariposa.  He also expressed hostility towards humans and considered them a threat.

At some unknown point, Mariposa had been fighting Xarzuss when a rampaging dragon beetle had begun plowing through the forest. Without speaking a word, Mariposa and Xarzuss made the mutual decision to help each other survive the encounter. Mariposa had hoped it would mark the beginning of an alliance, but Xarzuss soon renewed his offense against the butterflies.

The Lost Treasure of TorlynnEdit

At one point, King Papillon of Torlynn Castle attempted to manipulate Lord Xarzuss into going to war with the humans by sending soldiers to attack the moth colony.  In retaliation, Xarzuss began an open campaign against the humans, ambushing the crew of the Mermaid's Bliss as well as attacking the human village Darkholm.

After Mariposa came to the moth colony asking for help in freeing butterfly captives from Torlynn Castle, Xarzuss agreed on the condition that Mariposa surrender herself to him.  During the attack on the castle, Xarzuss delighted in the slaughter of the humans, indiscriminately sending his moth warriors to their death.  His second-in-command, Axziss, strongly disagreed with his vendetta against humans and, fearing for the continued well-being of the moth colony, murdered Xarzuss.  Axziss later replaced him, taking her place as High Priestess.


Xarzuss initiated zellenzas with the human "Four" Wheeler to learn his language, but the process was hasty and incomplete, resulting in Xarzuss's incomplete mastery of the language.  When he spoke in the common tongue, his "s" sounds came out as "z's."

For the junior novel adaptation, to make Xarzuss' dialogue easier to read, the words were spelled correctly, but he adds "bzzz" to the end of every sentence instead.  

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